HumAnimal Project is an online courses platform focused on building an informed relationship with animals. In the offer you will find courses covering fields such as: transformation of behavior and relationship with the dog through himself, canine massage, fitness, nosework, acupressure, TTouch for dogs and cats, communication with animals.
The main theme of the project is to offer the expertise of experts who use methods aimed at meeting the needs of animals, as well as to approach them with respect and friendship. To take advantage of the prepared courses, you do not need to have any experience in a given subject- it is enough your love for animals, openness and willingness to create together with us a community of people consciously approaching life with four-legged friends.
If you have an idea to create your own course for our platform, be sure to check here how to do it – we are looking forward to your application!
We wish you a great adventure and expanding your knowledge and heart with HumAnimal courses! 



If you are a trainer who takes an empathic and emotion-sensitive approach to animals, or if you are engaged in alternative therapies or maybe another interesting field referring to the philosophy of our project, be sure to write to us with a proposal for your course!