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Zuza Rybarczyk

Zuzanna Rybarczyk - Hum Animal

Zuza is the founder of HumAnimal Project, as well as the owner of Psiaki w Zen – Tu i Teraz. He mainly works with dogs, but more and more often on his path he deals with other species of animals that he supports and helps.
He promotes methods aimed at expanding awareness in the context of living with a dog, which take into account the human in the process of the transformation of the dog. She believes that the most beautiful thing about the relationship between a man and a dog is that if, instead of quickly “fixing the dog”, the handler wants to see a reflection of himself in a given behavior, then both the dog and the human can experience the development of their potential and changes for the better.

In addition to promoting the Tellington TTouch method in Poland, Zuza also uses music therapy, tuning forks, mindfulness, and even discoveries in the field of quantum physics. All this combined offers dog handlers the opportunity to go beyond any schemas that may have prevented them from seeing the desired changes in their dog.

Zuza’s offer includes the TTouch Course for Dogs, the “Dog My Mirror” Course and the Behavior and Relationship Transformation Course, which is a combination of them. Additionally, he cordially invites you to participate in practical workshops and unusual Transformation Camps, which can literally be a step towards changing your and your dog’s life.

Diana Gaweł

Diana Gaweł - HumAnimal

A dog training trainer and behaviorist uses a positive approach in her work. He is also a philologist and teacher. He puts the relationship with the dog and his well-being in the first place. Choosing and being with a dog – these are two key issues for her. She has participated and still participates in numerous training courses and seminars related to both sports and behavioral topics. Currently, the owner of 3 border collies with which she trains various disciplines (frisbee, obedience, agility, flyball, nosework) and draws inspiration from them for her work. Rally-o instructor, certified judge and Nosework Polska instructor, co-founder of the Speed ​​Hunters Flyball Team. She took part in the competition of the Nosework Polska association with her dog, Nori, with numerous successes. Nosework is great fun, meeting the dog’s needs, and part of behavioral therapy because it sees it works. He is not afraid of dog activities based on high arousal, but he does it wisely. More and more fascinated by TTouch, herbal medicine, music therapy, acupuncture and other unconventional areas.

Dagmara Antkowiak – PsieWałkowanie

Dagmara Antkowiak - HumAnimal

I have always been drawn to dogs and working with them. Even as a child, I dreamed of being a vet, but life turned out differently. I put these dreams away for a long time and enjoyed dog sports. However, life has come full circle and I returned to the realization of my dreams. I completed a dog and cat massage course at the Animal   Studium Fizjoterapii Zwierząt w Warszawie and started practicing on my pets. And this is how PsieWałowanie, nie was created, thanks to which I can help dogs and develop further. Therefore, I stroke, knead and roll the puppies with passion to improve their body and spirit. In addition to massages (therapeutic and relaxing), I also offer magnetotherapy, which at the cellular level supports the prevention of health and rehabilitation of animals by removing pain and inflammation, relaxing muscles, regenerating after exercise, reducing degeneration, healing wounds and damaged tendons, or improving intestinal peristalsis. If you would like to move a little, I invite you to dog fitness, during which we will strengthen your muscles, improve your pet’s coordination, and have a nice time.

Alexandra Bennett

Aleksandra Bennett - HumAnimal

Barking Princess Canine Acupressure & Massage

Alexandra Bennett, CCMT, CCAP is United States based canine wellness specialist. She is certified in Small Animal Acupressure, Canine Therapeutic, Sports and Senior massage. She also became certified in Oracle card readings, knowing that the insight the cards offer can be very beneficial to pet parents.

She is also trained in Tui Na massage (which is based in the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine), TTouch, Craniosacral therapy, Essential Oils for animals, Crystal Healing, Hoʻoponopono, Pet First Aid and CPR, Animal Communication and is a Reiki Master.

In addition to canine bodywork, she is passionate about nutrition and earned specialist designations in pet food, raw feeding, acute herbalist and homeopathy.

Alexandra is a member of the National Board Certification of Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM) and the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork (IAAMB).

Alexandra owns Barking Princess Canine Acupressure & Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to acupressure and massage, she offers cold laser therapy, crystal healing, tuning fork sound healing, chakra balancing, flower remedies, energy healing, and Oracle card readings to her local clients.

For her clients that are afar, she offers guided meditation and distance energy healing, Oracle card readings and wellness consultations. She has done virtual healing sessions with clients as far away as Kuwait.

Alexandra shares her life with her Tibetan Spaniel, Tashi. They love to go on long walks together in the mornings and stroller walks in the evenings. She prepares all of Tashi’s meals at home and does home grooming. They are always taking fun pictures and going on adventures. Follow their Instagram and Facebook accounts @BarkingPrincess.

Alexandra’s blog is packed with information to help you create optimal health and vitality for your dog.

Alexandra is not a veterinarian and does not diagnose or treat diseases. The information she shares does not replace traditional veterinary healthcare treatments for illness. She encourages all of her clients to contact their veterinarian if their dog is ill.

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